Q - Why don't you offer a la cart shampoo only?

   A - We feel that if the interior needs shampooing, everything needs a  good detailing at this point. It's like just cleaning the floors in your bathroom when the entire bathroom needs to be cleaned and scrubbed.

Q - Why don't you offer express cleaning or less expensive packages?

   A - With our focus on quality, we want to show you your car's true potential and not just a quick wipe down. We would rather focus on selling full service packages and ensure that every client leaves happy.

Q - Why don't you detail boats?

   A - They are too big and time consuming. We would rather focus on what we are great at, cars and trucks.

Q - Why can't I sit and wait while my car is being detailed?

   A - We like to operate with less pressure and make sure that every car gets our full attention. Not to mention you are paying good money why do you want a rush job?

Q - What is a clay bar?

   A - We use a clay pad made by Nanoskin. It's a great tool to remove any rough contaminants from your clear coat prior to polishing/sealing. If you rub your hand over your paint and it feels rough, you definitely need our services.

Q - Do I have to make an appointment?

   A - YES please! You can call or schedule on this website. If you need us to look at your car please call a head. Please don't just show up as we are probably focused on today's vehicles.

Q - What types of products to you use? 

   A - For cleaners and degreasers we use Simoniz. For polishes, pads and sealers we use 3M and Meguiar's.

Q - Why don't you work with dealerships?

   A - Very poor margins and way too many headaches.

Q - Why do you have so many rules and disclaimers?

   A - We want to be upfront so that everyone is on the same page from the start.

Auto Detailing MN FAQ's

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