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Protect Your Investment For Only$299.95

Auto Detailing MN offers Diamond Plate ceramic paint coating in Minnesota. As a trusted auto detailing shop in Minnesota, we only bring on products that fit our criteria and this one has us amazed. Not only is Diamond Plate a quality product, It comes backed with a 2 year written and insured warranty. What this means for our clients is a product that you can count on and trust to perform as advertised, at a very reasonable price point. If you are looking to protect your vehicle for the long haul, we believe that Diamond Plate Ceramic Paint Coating is your answer.

Diamond Plate Ceramic Coating is amazing! Check out this short video to see it live in action. We are confident that you and your car are going to love this product!


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Q: How much will Diamond Plate Coating cost me?

     A: Package typically runs $299.95 and also includes an awesome windshield treatment. (Based on average vehicle conditions and requires a minimum of our standard detail prior to application)

Q: How long does Diamond Plate last?

     A: Laboratory tests prove that Diamond Plate lasts well beyond two years on your vehicles surface.

Q: What exactly is Diamond Plate protecting?

     A: Acid rain, Bird droppings, Tree sap, Insects, Road salt, Corrosion, Hard water spotting and Sun UV damage.

Q: Is Diamond Plate like adding a new layer of clear coat?

     A: YES, Diamond plate reacts and forms another ceramic clear coat to your existing factory finish.

Q: If I have you apply Diamond Plate to my car, can I wash my car regularly?

     A: Absolutely! and recommended. Diamond Plate has been shown to withstand over 100 consecutive passes through a commercial car wash.

~Thank you for your interest in our long term paint protection! I'm confident that we offer way more bang for buck VS the over priced packages offered by some of those big box stores.

Chad Theimer (Shop Owner)

Please call the shop with any additional questions or to schedule your Diamond Plate protection package today!

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